Rain Barrels

What is a Rain Barrel?

A rain barrel is a great solution to keep polluted runoff from leaving a home. In the summer, residential irrigation can account for up to 40% of water consumption. By having a rain barrel and storing rainfall, you’ll have water for future use, whether it’s for watering plants or filling the bird bath (your garden and flowerbeds will be safe during any potential summertime water restrictions).

This really is an easy way to conserve water and save a little money. For more information view a video made by the Lions International with the Bowie Lions on their local rain barrel initiative. It earned international recognition for the Bowie Lions Club!

This brochure will give you a little more information on rain barrels and instructions on how to make your own.

Where Can I Get a Rain Barrel?

YAY! You'll be joining more than 200 of your neighbors by installing a rain barrel. Rain barrels are sold online and at many local home improvement stores and some nurseries. In 2011, the City teamed up with the Bowie Lions Club to offer a lower cost option to residents. To get more information on their rain barrels, call the Lions Club at 301-262-2665. As of May 2016, they are $75 each and sold ready to install. The City does not sell rain barrels itself or have any at City Hall or other City buildings. The Lions Club makes them and stores them at their building in Old Town Bowie. The Lions may also be able deliver the rain barrel within the City limits but cannot help with installation, though they will provide instructions.

Finally, once you have installed your rain barrel, please contact Tiffany Wright, the City's Watershed Manager (by email or phone, 301-809-3043), to register it. The City tracks and maps rain barrel locations to calculate the amount and locations of stormwater captured by them.