Posted on: December 29, 2017

Dangers of Ice Skating on Open Ponds and Lakes

Thin ice
With the recent stretch of cold weather in Bowie, many small lakes and ponds are beginning to freeze. Just because temperatures have dipped below the seasonal norm, doesn't mean residents of the City should be lacing up their skates. The City Code prohibits ice skating on all ponds owned by the City including Allen Pond, Centennial Park, Tall Oaks Pond, Melford Pond and storm management ponds. The only safe location for ice skating is the City of Bowie Indoor Ice Arena.

Ice on any open water reservoir needs to be at least 3 inches. It is difficult to ensure the ice is 3 inches in all areas and can be very thin in some places. Being on the ice less than 3 inches can result in disaster for someone falling through the ice. Many times pets and other animals venture out onto the ice and fall through. Do not try to rescue these animals yourself! Dial 911 to report an animal in distress in these situations and keep others from making any rescue attempts.

Play it safe, only skate at approved ice arenas and rinks. THINK TWICE ABOUT THIN ICE!

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