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You have found the Green Bowie webpage where you will find a wealth of information on various City initiatives designed to green the City. Initiatives have their own pages and can be accessed using the links to the left. Bookmark this site and return often, as we are gradually updating these pages.  


History of Green Bowie
The name Green Bowie has been around since 2007.  However, its meaning and encompassing goals have been evolving ever since.  Green Bowie was initially used to describe conservation and pollution prevention activities in the Environmental Infrastructure Strategy Plan (EI Plan). These days, though, Green Bowie is the umbrella term used to describe all of the City's environmental initiatives including those in the EI Plan and all of those that have followed in its footsteps.

he EI Plan was a five-year map that contained 12 individual actions to guide the City’s environmental work.  These actions are now in full force today. Probably the most recognizable programs from the EI Plan are the stream cleanup, backyard habitat, and rain barrel initiatives.  These programs each have had a large impact on the community and have received widespread support.

However, a new wave of environmental initiatives is here.  Notably, the City implemented the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy (EECS) in 2010. The EECS is a list of 34 strategies to manage energy use, promote energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the use of renewable energy, and reduce material consumption.  Progress of this plan can be seen at several local government buildings, where solar panels have been recently installed.  For example, some are located at the City’s Genealogical Library and Harmel House (home of the National Capital Radio and Television Museum).

In addition to the creation of the EECS, Bowie became a member of Sustainable Maryland Certified (SMC) in 2012.  This initiative encourages municipalities to work with their entire community to complete sustainable actions.  The first requirement for the certification was to band together a “Green Team” of residents that are committed to completing tasks that are outlined by SMC. Their hard work resulted in Bowie being the 8th municipality to become fully certified.

Green Bowie will continue to adapt and change. However, one thing is becoming increasingly apparent - Green Bowie's continued success will depend heavily on community involvement. Teachers, businesses owners, and residents can all be involved in one way or another. Whether it is installing a rain barrel on your property, volunteering with the Green Team, or achieving a green certification, these are all actions that will define the future of Green Bowie. 

Committees on Environmental Issues
The Green Team and the Environmental Advisory Committee advise the City Council on environmental matters. The Green Team's focus is environmental education and outreach, while the Environmental Advisory Committee's focus is environmental policy.

You can show your support by attending one of their meetings or learning more about what they do. For more information, visit their official committee pages by clicking on the links below:

Environmental Advisory Committee
Green Team Executive Committee

Green Bowie e-newsletter
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