Bowie International Festival

Flags Around the World

A Day of Celebration and Exploration! 

The 2020 International Festival has gone virtual! 

The Bowie International Festival is usually one of Bowie’s most popular events. This year, since we can’t host the event at Allen Pond due to pandemic restrictions, we are bringing bits of the event to you. We know it's not quite the same, but we hope you'll enjoy what's provided here. We look forward to seeing you in person for International Festival 2021! 

Watch our International Festival highlight video (10 minutes)

On Saturday, October 3, the Bowie Government Channel (FIOS 10 & Xfinity 71 & 996) will be broadcasting some of our favorite musical and dance performances music from past International Festivals.

Broadcast Schedule

Program Guide for Saturday

10 a.m.Spelmanslag
11 a.m.Uhwachireh
11:30 a.m.Lyman School of Dance
12 p.m.Panquility
12:53 p.m.Los Trabajadores
1:00 p.m.KoreanDance
1:30 p.m.Apollonia
2:15 p.m.Thapasya
2:45 p.m.Sakie
3:45 p.m.Martin Family
4:45 p.m.Afro Flowetry

Children's Activities 

Children may view a passport at any of the links below and participate in various activities.

Activities include dance/music from different cultures and arts and crafts from around the world. At the end of the “trip,” those who complete the activities will be eligible to receive an international prize. See below for more information on this years passport activities and how to receive your prize for completing the passport activities.

If your organization would like to be part of the children's activities passports at our next International Festival, please contact Special Events Manager Matt Corley at 301-809-3078 or

Instructions 1
Instructions 2
Passport # Link to Directions Activity
1 Puerto Rico Egg Maraca
 2 Africa African Masks
 3 Australia Australian Boomerang & Paintings
4 Costa Rica  Costa Rican Butterfly Art
5 Germany German Schultuete
 6 Japan Japanese Carp Kite
 7 Romania Romanian Dance
Passport # Country Book Title Book Author Book Reader Description
 8 Italy Strega Nona's Magic Lesson Tommie De Paola Kathy Corley
Bambolona is tired of working in her Papa’s bakery. There is far too much to do! So she decides to go to wise Strega Nona and learn a little magic, instead. 
But here comes Big Anthony. He wants to learn, too…if he doesn’t make a big mess of things first!
 9 Native American Brother Eagle, Sister Sky Susan Jefferes Kathy Corley The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth. The great Native American Chief Seattle spoke these words over a hundred years ago. His remarkably relevant message of respect for the Earth and every creature on it has endured the test of time and is imbued with passion born of love of the land and the environment.
10 Africa Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters John Steptoe Kathy Corley Mufaro's two daughters react in different ways to the King's search for a wife - one is aggressive and selfish, the other kind and dignified. The king disguises himself to learn the true nature of both the girls and chooses Nyasha, the kind and generous daughter, to be the queen.
 11 Tibet The Chiru of High Tibet Jacqueline Briggs Martin Kathy Corley
The true story of how scientist George Schaller and four mountain men set out to save the chiru (antelope-like creatures that cannot survive captivity and live on the high plains of Tibet) from near extinction.