Annual Action Plan

As an Entitlement Community under HUD’s federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, the City of Bowie solicits public participation in the development of the Annual Action Plan every fiscal year. A Public Hearings are held in April and May at City Hall every year.

The Annual Action Plan provides the City’s planned programs and resource allocations for implementing the goals and objectives outlined in the Five Year Strategic Plan included in the Consolidated Plan for Community Development (Con Plan). The Con Plan identifies community needs and proposed solutions in the areas the following areas:

  • Housing
  • Special Needs
  • Economic Development
  • Non-Housing Community Development
The City’s CDBG program includes two initiatives. The first is the Single Family Housing Rehabilitation. This program is available is available for Bowie households who meet income requirements through the City. Visit Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Program to learn more about the program. The City's CDBG program also includes the Workforce Training Program, which is free for residents of the City of Bowie who are aged 15-25.

During the Annual Action Plan process, the draft of the current year Annual Action Plan (AAP) is made available for review and comment during April and May.  The draft document can be found online, as well as at City Hall, Bowie Senior Center, Bowie Public Libraries, and M-NCPPC Community Centers in Bowie for the specific period mentioned above.

Browse current and past Annual Action Plans.

Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, the April 2020 Annual Action Plan public meetings will be held online.

 Annual Action Plan Meeting #1 April 9 - View recording.
 Annual Action Plan Meeting #2 April 23 - View recording. (Presentation begins at the 2:23 mark)

A draft annual action plan will be made available later in the month. Any comments can also be submitted via