Bicycle Registry

Many stolen bikes are recovered by police, but there is no way to identify the owner. With the Bowie Bicycle Registry (BBR) service, you can register your bicycle by serial number in our database and we will provide the special label once you bring your bicycle into the Police Department.

If your bicycle is ever stolen, it can be identified and you can prove ownership by providing us with your driver's license or any other acceptable governmental identification with a photo. Once your bicycle has been recovered, you will be notified immediately by receiving a property notification letter.

If you fail to pick up your property within 90 (ninety) days after the date on the notification letter, your property will be disposed of in accordance with the City of Bowie Police Department policy.

All bicycles must be brought into the police station in order to receive a registration sticker. 

Register your bicycle for free now.

For more information you can contact us at 240-544-5792 or