Storage Sheds

A shed is a small structure used to store items related to or used in connection with a residence. Sheds are accessory buildings and must comply with the Bowie City Code, the Prince George's County Zoning Ordinance, and applicable building codes. They must be maintained in good repair, structurally safe and sound, and free of peeling paint, graffiti, and corrosion. 

They may not be used for the storage of:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Cargo vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Boats
  • Commercial business products
  • Hazardous materials

Storage shed


A City of Bowie building permit and a Prince George's County building permit are required for:

  • Any shed with a floor area of 150 square feet or more.
  • A second shed or an accessory building, no matter the size.

Permits must be obtained before a shed is built or delivered to the property.

Bowie City Code

Lots 20,000 sq. ft. or less:

  • Floor Area: Maximum 200 square feet including any projections. The total combined area of all accessory structures cannot exceed 200 square feet.
  • Building Height: Maximum 15 feet (as measured from the lowest exposed point to the highest exposed point and only one story).
  • Design: If attached to the main building, the shed shall be constructed of similar materials, including color and type.
  • Location:
    • Interior lots: Shed may be located only in the rear yard.
    • Corner lots: Shed must be located in the rear yard, but may not be located any closer to the public right-of-way than the main building.

Lots greater than 20,000 sq. ft.: Only the Prince George's County Zone Ordinance and building codes apply.

Prince George's County Code

  • Location: Sheds may only be located in the rear yard. On lots having no rear yard (through lots) and on corner lots where the designated front of the main building faces the side street, the shed may be located in the yard opposite the designated front of the main building. 
  • Setbacks: 2 feet from the side lot line and 2 feet from the rear lot line. 

Additional Information

Storage tents are not permitted.

For more information on sheds and other accessory structures, contact the Code Compliance Office at 301-809-3008 or