Community Services


The Department of Community Services has five major focuses: recreation, historic properties, buildings and grounds, youth and senior services, and neighborhood preservation. It also heavily involved in community outreach activities that enhance the quality of life in Bowie.

Recreation & Parks

Recreational opportunities and park amenities are provided by this division. These include managing and maintaining parks, ball fields, picnic areas, and planning special events and programs. The division also promotes the arts through programs, grants, and galleries.

Historic Properties

Six museums and a museum support facility are managed by this division to collect, preserve, and interpret the history and culture of the Bowie area.

Youth & Senior Services

The City operates a Senior Center for those age 55 and up. Programs, classes, trips, and fitness activities are offered to participants. Bowie Youth and Family Services Division promotes positive youth development, prevents juvenile delinquency, and reduces family tension and conflict through counseling and other programs.

Neighborhood Preservation

The Code Compliance office works to keep the City looking attractive and works to enforce the City Code. It also oversees rental properties in the city and manages the licensing and permitting functions of the city. The Animal Control office handles the licensing of dogs, cats, and ferrets and helps to enforce the elements of the City Code that deal with animals.

Public Buildings

All City government buildings, including City Hall, the Kenhill Center, the museums, Ice Arena, Gymnasium, Senior Center, and restroom and concession facilities at our parks are maintained by this division.

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