Planning and Sustainability

This Department provides professional support through long-range special studies and recommendations on development proposals to the City Manager and the City Council. Staff also review development proposals, departures, and variances. Featured development projects can be found here.

A more recent focus of the department is the environment - preserve and protecting it through the City's Green Bowie initiatives led by the City's Sustainability Manager and Watershed Manager.

A growing focus is transportation-related efforts including trails, mass transit, complete streets, biking, and more. The Transportation Specialist is the lead on these efforts, and more information is available on the the Transportation tab below.

  1. Committees

The Department of Planning and Sustainability liaises with three committees that are tasked with advising City Council on a number of issues facing all Bowie residents. Those committees and a link to email the staff liaison are: 

The Bowie Advisory Planning Board, staff liaison Joe Meinert

The Environmental Advisory Committee, staff liaison Tiffany Wright

The Green Team Executive Committee, staff liaison Erin Oxenford

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