Neighbors Helping Neighbors

  1. Volunteer to Help Seniors & Disabled with Grocery Shopping & Prescriptions

    Bowie's Neighbors Helping Neighbors program is working to match seniors or disabled persons needing help with shopping for groceries or picking up prescriptions with community volunteers. Read the details below.
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The City of Bowie has many residents who have lived here 30, 40 and even 50 or more years. As these residents age-in-place, maintenance on their homes has become more challenging and sometimes creates code compliance and/or safety issues. During COVID-19, the focus will be limited to essential needs only - grocery shopping and pharmacy pickup requests. 

Bowie also has many able-bodied retirees, civic organization members, and young people who are looking for ways to give back to their community.

Program Overview 

The Community Services Department facilitates a program to match these two groups. We call the program “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” This program is designed to bridge the gap between elderly (65+) and disabled residents and adults and organizations looking for ways to reach out and help someone in need. This is strictly a volunteer program. More information is included in the application forms.

Helping During the Pandemic

If you would like to volunteer to assist seniors during COVID-19 or if you need help, please contact Lori Cunningham at or 240-544–5601.

To Apply