Know How to Be Prepared

Follow These Simple Steps Now to be Prepared Before the Next Emergency:

  1. Make or Purchase an Emergency Kit: Keep enough emergency supplies on hand for you and those in your care – water, non-perishable food, first aid, prescriptions, flashlight, battery-powered radio. Learn about other items you should have in your emergency kit in this checklist of supplies.
  2. Make a Plan: Discuss, agree on, and document an emergency plan with those in your care. View sample plans.
  3. Be Informed: Not all all emergencies are the same. Take time to become educated about the kind of emergencies that are likely to happen in our area. View FEMA preparedness information here.
  4. Know how you will get information before, during, and after an emergency. See City of Bowie Emergency Communications.
Police, fire and rescue may not always be able to reach you quickly, particularly if trees and power lines are down or if they're overwhelmed by demand during an emergency. The most important step you can take in helping local responders manage an emergency is to be able to take care of yourself and those in your care until help can arrive. Consider taking a first aid course. They are often offered at little or no cost by the Red Cross. CPR courses are taught locally by the Bowie Volunteer Fire Department.

The more individuals are prepared, the quicker the community will recover.

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