Engineering & Traffic Calming Measures

Engineering & Traffic Calming Measures

Streets and intersections are designed with safety and efficient traffic flow in mind. To supplement the basic design features there is an array of traffic calming measures that can be implemented to address speeding concerns on city streets such as signs, speed humps, etc.

To begin the process of requesting traffic calming measures, please call City of Bowie Director of Public Works at 301-809-2336. For more information, view the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program.

Process Explained

After reviewing policies by many jurisdictions, the City of Bowie adopted the Prince George County Neighborhood Traffic Management Program as a guide for addressing traffic calming requests. The program references the process for requesting traffic calming measures in detail. It is a three-level process that begins with neighborhood involvement in a community speed awareness program and special pavement striping and signs.

Based on neighborhood concerns and engineering analysis, traffic calming measures can be proposed that become progressively more restrictive to motorists using the street. These measures can include one-way streets, turn prohibitions, speed humps, traffic circles, the narrowing of the street width with "chokers," and even full road closure.