Campaign Signs

Rules Regarding Campaign Signs 

The City Code Compliance office reminds residents of the rules related to the placement of campaign signs:
  • All signs must be placed on private property and then only with the permission of the property owner
  • Signs may not be placed in any right of way (this includes the areas bordering all city, county and state roads whether in residential or commercial areas)
  • Residents should remember the first approximately 11.5 feet of grass and/or sidewalk closest to the curb in front of their home is a right of way and no signs may be placed in that area.
Signs placed illegally will be removed. Each sign represents a cost to the candidate and is valuable. You can help your candidate best by abiding by the laws of the City and making sure you have permission to place each and every campaign sign.

When in doubt call the Code Compliance Office at 301-809-3008 to check on a location before placing a campaign sign.