Engineering Review & Permitting

Services Provided

The Public Works Department is responsible for engineering review and/or permitting of any work in public rights-of-way, requests for connection to Bowie water or sewer utilities, stormwater management (SWM), and any sediment control measures required at construction sites. 

Examples of work requiring review or permitting include:

  • Development projects that extend public street infrastructure or storm drains;
  • Utility work within City maintained rights-of-way including repairs, extensions or new connections; 
  • Installation of new poles or pole attachments for wireless or cellular communications;
  • Any repairs, modifications, or new installations of driveway entrances;
  • Any work that directly discharges drainage onto City streets or into City storm drains;
  • Stormwater management (SWM) concepts and designs for any development requiring SWM permits (disturbance of 5,000 square feet or more);
  • Any construction requiring sediment control permit (disturbance of 5,000 square feet of earth);
  • Request to connect to or extend City water or sewer utilities.

To guide developers through the SWM, sediment control and work in public right-of-way permitting process, a number of applications, plan review checklists, standard, policies, and other documents are available below.

Development Plan Review Checklists

Permit Application Forms

Bond Release Application

Bowie Water and Sewer Utility 

Standards, Specifications, City Code References

Easement Templates


Other Notes and Checklists

Construction Cost Estimating