Exemption from Certain Water & Sewer Fees

Having trouble paying your water bill?

Your City of Bowie water bill is based on the amount of water you use each quarter. It also includes the following fees:

  • State of Maryland Bay Restoration fee
  • City of Bowie pipe replacement fee

The State of Maryland instituted the Bay Restoration Fee to help protect the Chesapeake Bay. The City adopted the Pipe Repair and Replacement Fee in 2017 to help finance the cost of replacing aging pipes in the City’s water and sewer system.

Both the State of Maryland and the City of Bowie recognize that these fees may create a substantial financial hardship to those on a very limited income. For this reason, The State of Maryland has established a process to exempt qualifying customers from the Bay Restoration Fee and the Bowie City Council agreed to also exempt Bowie residents from its Repair & Replacement Fee if they apply and are granted an exemption from the Bay Restoration Fee. 

Apply for Exemptions

Effective July 1, 2018, Bowie residents who wish to be granted an exemption from the Bay Restoration Fee and as a result, from the City Repair & Replacement Fee, should print and complete the City of Bowie Bay Restoration Fund Exemption Application and return it to:

City of Bowie
Department of Finance
15901 Fred Robinson Way
Bowie, MD 20716