Pecan Ridge

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A single-family detached subdivision of 80 homes is planned.  The developer is requesting that the City annex the property prior to its development. 

Project Snapshot

  • Proposal:  80 single-family detached dwelling units, clustered in a Public Benefit Conservation Subdivision Design plan
  • Location:  Located at the end of Old Laurel Bowie Road (now known as Lloyd Station Road), adjacent to the WB&A Trail
  • Acreage/Zoning: 42 acres/Zoned R-R (Rural Residential)

Review/Approval Process

(1) Conservation Sketch Plan certification (by M-NCPPC Staff)

(2) Preliminary Plan of subdivision

Purpose of Conservation Subdivision:
The purpose of a conservation subdivision is to protect the character of land through the permanent preservation of farmland, woodland, sensitive natural features, scenic and historic landscapes, vistas, and unique features of the site in keeping with the General Plan and Countywide Green Infrastructure Plan. 

The standards in this Section provide for lots, open space and internal street designs that conserve woodlands, farmland, farm structures, historic structures, and the scenic and unique character of development sites. A conservation subdivision prioritizes site characteristics for conservation and is intended to create a site layout that conserves important site features such as open space networks, blocks of productive farmland, unique characteristics of a site and contiguous woodland habitats. The site design should encourage agricultural pursuits, create attractive development layouts respecting existing features of the site, and encourage connectivity between scenic, historic, agricultural, and environmental characteristics of abutting properties.

Purpose of a Public Benefit Conservation Subdivision:
The purpose of a Public Benefit Conservation Subdivision is to prioritize site characteristics which conserve important site features such as open space networks and contiguous woodland habitats adjacent to other existing open space tracts. The site design should encourage connectivity between environmental characteristics of adjacent properties and should provide a continuous open space network between the proposed development layout and the adjacent properties. Intermodal trails which provide a link to adjacent properties as an enhancement of recreational opportunities are encouraged.

A Conservation Sketch Plan review is only a staff level review by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), as an interim step toward the preparation of a Preliminary Plan of Subdivision. Upon its submission, the Preliminary Plan will be the subject of public hearings at the City and County level,

The requirement for an R-R Public Benefit Conservation Subdivision involving one family detached dwellings is a minimum net lot area of 6,500 square feet. The zoning requirements can be found in the Zoning Ordinance, Section 27-455.12 Bulk Regulations for Conservation Subdivisions and Public Benefit Conservation Subdivisions, Table 1. 

In the R-R zone a minimum of 40 percent of the gross tract area shall be designated as a conservation lot, and up to 60 percent may be utilized for residential development. This requirement can be found in the Subdivision Regulations, Section 24-152(d)(3). On March 22, 2018, City staff sent a letter to M-NCPPC with recommendations regarding the proposed subdivision design (provided below).

Current Status

Caruso Homes submitted a Preliminary Plan of Subdivision to M-NCPPC for pre-acceptance in July, 2019. Caruso Homes has requested an opportunity to provide an update and discuss future annexation of the property with the City Council. A public hearing is scheduled for Monday, September 16, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

Most Recent Approval

Conservation Sketch Plan (Conservation Sketch Plan S-18001) certified by M-NCPPC Staff in March 13, 2019

Pecan Ridge History