Since 2003, the City of Bowie has been designated as an Entitlement Community, which allows the City to receive direct funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under its Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. 

The Office of Grant Development and Administration (OGDA) manages this program and uses the funds for projects throughout the City including street and infrastructure improvements in Old Town Bowie and housing upgrades and energy efficiency enhancements for qualified homeowners throughout the City.

Consolidated Plan for Community Development (ConPlan)

Under the Community Development Block Grant program, the City develops a strategic plan every five years that identifies community needs and proposed solutions in the areas of housing, special needs, economic development, and non-housing community development. This plan is called the Consolidated Plan for Community Development or ConPlan.

The City of Bowie is embarking on a new planning process for 2024 - 2028, and is currently drafting a Citizen Participation Plan to gather community feedback. The Citizen Participation Plan outlines the process used to incorporate comments from the community in the Five-Year Strategy Plan, which is included in the Consolidated Plan for Community Development. 

The Five-Year Strategy Plan identifies community needs and proposed solutions in the areas of Housing, Special Needs, Economic Development, and Non-Housing Community Development. The City's CDBG activities will benefit low- and moderate-income persons in various parts of the City based on citizen input, fiscal requirements, HUD program requirements, and the eligibility status of participants.

The "Draft Citizen Participation Plan, FY 2024-2028" will be available for review at Bowie Public Libraries, Bowie City Hall, the Bowie Senior Center, Bowie Recreation Centers, and on this website from December 5, 2022 - February 6, 2023.

View the draft Citizen Participation Plan here.

Consolidated Plan for Community Development (ConPlan) FY 2019 - 2023

View the current ConPlan, for 2019 - 2023, here.

Annual Action Plan

The Five Year Strategic Plan in the Consolidated Plan for Community Development includes a detailed breakout of proposed activities for each year, which is called the Annual Action Plan (AAP). The draft of the current year Annual Action Plan is usually available for review and public comment every year in the spring, during April and May. Learn about the Annual Action Plan process as well as browse through current and past Annual Action Plans.

Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Reports (CAPER)

Each year the City of Bowie submits a CAPER to HUD reporting on outcomes of the goals and objectives identified in the Annual Action Plan. It also evaluates the overall implementation process of the Five-Year Plan and annual goals defined in the Consolidated Five Year Strategic Plan (ConPlan).

View the current and past CAPERs here.

Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Program

The Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Program is a federally funded grant program that provides financial assistance to single family homeowners with limited financial means. The purpose of the grant is to provide energy efficiency related upgrades and repairs to correct hazardous conditions, eliminate safety hazards, and repair or replace major systems.

Read more about the Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Program.

Workforce Development Program

The City of Bowie offers a free workforce development program for Bowie residents aged 15 - 25 every spring. The program offers two-hour sessions over four weeks, and includes two modules, Life Skills and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Careers Orientation. The Life Skills module is presented in partnership with Bowie Youth and Family Services staff, and focuses on skills such as communication, time management, and goal setting. The STEM Careers module focuses on a different STEM-oriented industry each evening, presenting a wide array of career options to participants. The program also includes optional secondary sessions focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Learn more about the Workforce Development Program here...