Belair Drive & Beaverdale Lane

New Traffic Measures for Belair Drive & Beaverdale Lane 

May 1, 2019 - In the next few weeks, street construction activity will begin on Beaverdale Lane and Belair Drive. Workers will be installing traffic calming measures on both streets to reduce speeds and hopefully to discourage some cut through traffic from MD 450 and MD 3.

Beaverdale Lane

Speed Humps

speed hump

A speed hump is a gradual raised area on a low-speed roadway.

On Beaverdale La., three speed humps will be added:

  1. Near the intersection with Beaverdale Ln. & Baldwin Ln.
  2. Between Beechtree Ln. & Bluejay Ln.
  3. Between Bartlett Ln. & Bellhurst Ln.

These measures are being implemented in response to a community request. Under the City’s Neighborhood Management Program such requests are evaluated on various criteria, including need, cost, speeds, accident activity, and proximity to public spaces and buildings. A proposed solution is then presented to the affected residents for consideration. A majority of the residents must sign a petition endorsing the proposed measures.  

These plans were presented at a Stakeholders Meeting on February 27, 2019. Following that meeting, a majority of Beaverdale La. residents signed a petition supporting the speed hump installations. This was the green light needed to move forward with installation, which will take place in spring 2019.

Letter to Beaverdale Ln. stakeholders (April 5, 2019)
Stakeholders Meeting presentation (2/27/19)

Belair Drive

Work will be done in two phases:

  • Phase 1: From Beechtree La. to Kenhill Dr. (beginning around May 15)
  • Phase 2: From Kenhill Dr. to Annapolis Rd. (TBD)

Phase 1 – Beechtree Ln. to Kenhill Dr.

This work is being paid for by the developers of Melford and was required by the City Council prior to the completion of any housing units at Melford. A community meeting about the proposed measures was held on October 10, 2017 and changes to the plan were made based on input from the community.

Measures include:

  • raised crosswalk near Kendale Ln.
  • speed cushion mid block between Birdseye Ln. & Beaverdale Ln.
  • speed cushion between Birdseye Ln. & Buckingham Dr.
  • raised crosswalk near Kembridge Dr.
  • all way stop at intersection of Kenhill Dr. & Belair Dr.
  • stop sign at intersection of Stonybrook La. & Belair Dr.

Speed Cushions

speed cushion

Speed cushions function like speed humps for passenger sized vehicles, but the gaps in the speed cushions allow large emergency vehicles to straddle the raised area during an emergency response.  

Raised Crosswalks

raised crosswalks

Letter to Belair Dr. Stakeholders (December 13, 2017)

Phase 2 - Kenhill Dr. to Annapolis Rd. (proposed)

The City is seeking input from residents of the surrounding neighborhoods about what they would like to see put in place in this segment of Belair Dr. Some measures under consideration will be shared at an upcoming Open House hosted by the Public Works Department. Unlike Phase 1, the traffic measures that are eventually put into place for this segment of Belair Dr. will be funded by the City of Bowie.

Comments, Suggestions, Questions?

We welcome input from the public on these projects. Please contact the project manager.


Mike Schramm, Engineering Superintendent

Public Safety

Please note that all of the traffic calming measures discussed above were reviewed with public safety officials. They do not view them as impediments to providing critical and timely response in an emergency.