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Manufacturing Assistance Programs in Maryland

  • Goal: To reinforce and promote the importance of manufacturing in the state of Maryland. Help build Maryland’s manufactures in order to increase profits and improve current manufacturing processes.
  • Current State: In the most recent reports from the U.S Bureau of Economic Analysis, Maryland’s total Manufacturing output totals to $16.7 Billion. Manufactures during the same year made up 90% of Maryland’s exports. There are 3,297 manufacturing establishments in Maryland employing 42,200 employees across the state.

Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP)

Focusing primarily on serving small businesses in the state of Maryland to help them grow and become more efficient. Most resources are available through in-person events (links and calendar of events on website) as well as professional consulting services on market exploration and efficiency practices. Their goal is to build people and their networks, while increasing profits and improving processes in the manufacturing industry. MD MEP Website and MD MEP Training and Events.

Maryland Department of Commerce

Provides information and resources on advanced manufacturing in the state of Maryland. Assistance comes in the form of online resources and statistics, as well as in person workshops and lectures listed on a calendar of events. Additional information can be obtained through their website. click here

Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI)

A non-profit created to provide manufactures in the state of Maryland with training and assistance programs, as well as additional services in promoting manufacturing advocacy and interests in the state. RMI hold open events to promote interest and advocacy for manufacturing jobs in the state of Maryland, as well as workshops aimed at providing a collaborative environment where manufacturers can exchange news, data and information. RMI Website click here RMI Events click here

Additional Information:

Manufacturing Statistics/Information

Employers and Employees – find each other

Maryland Workplace Expressway

Online data source that links potential employees with companies looking to hire, as well as to other engagement services, workforce education programs, training grants, labor and industry standards, and reemployment services. Umbrella site with links to multiple resources and programs within the state. website click here

Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (Maryland Workforce Exchange)

Provides employers and employees with labor market information. Provides employers with links to education and training programs, labor force data and job market trends. Also includes a search engine with filtering criteria to find ideal candidates that fit your position. Similarly, provides job seekers with a search engine to find ideal openings. Maryland Workforce Exchange website click here

Maryland Job Network

Tools for both job seekers as well as employers looking to recruit and connect with prospective employees. Includes direct connections with featured employers, as well as articles and podcasts related to the making the most out of your job search. Additionally, there is information provided about both in person as well as virtual career and networking events.  MD Job Network website click here

Nation Job (Maryland)

National job search and posting site, with state specific departments and pages. Website includes a job search engine, place for employers to list job postings. Additional online resources include resume and cover letter workshops, as well as articles pertaining to career search tips.  Nation Job website click here

Export Assistance Programs in Maryland

  • Goal: Help stimulate Maryland’s economy though the promotion and growth of export sales.
  • Current State: Maryland shipped $12,076(in millions) worth of exports in 2018. An increase of 29.6% from 2017 and accounting for 0.7% of total U.S exports. 

Assistance Available:

Maryland/DC District Export Council

Provides professional assistance and guidance in helping businesses identify export opportunities and markets. Through programs, events and workshops they assist owners in navigating licensing and compliance to help them meet terms and conditions necessary to reach foreign markets. Help with obtaining working capital and establishing credit and financing. MD/DC DEC website click here

U.S Commercial Service Baltimore

Assists Maryland business by providing counseling and advice on market information abroad, market research, getting in contact with international partners and services. Website contains external resources to help with Tariff and Tax information, exporting basics as well as an online guide to exporting, training videos and regional exporting data. In person events and workshops are held and listed by date on the website with additional information.  Website click here

Maryland Department of Commerce

The state of Maryland provides programs and assistance on global expansion for it domestic businesses. Programs reimbursements for international marketing projects, consulting through the University of Maryland’s business school, International Trade Shows as well as international industry research and data. Website also includes links to other agencies and programs that could provide more specific information. Website click here