Emergency Management

Emergencies happen all the time. In Bowie, our hazards include floods, home fires, extreme heat, snow storms, and the occasional tornado or hurricane. The job of Bowie's Office of Emergency Management is to prepare for, respond to, recover from and mitigate against disasters and emergencies. We accomplish this mission in a number of ways, including developing emergency preparedness programs and response plans, as well as working within in our community to promote preparedness and build community resilience. 

What We Do

  • Plan for and support the growth of the entire Bowie community through community resilience oriented planning and programs. 
  • Coordinate with federal, state, and local governments as well as community partners, non-government organizations and local business partners to share resources and support one another during major emergencies and disasters. 
  • Provide subject matter expertise in the areas of preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery through planning, training, exercise and resource management.

Are You Prepared for Severe Weather?

Severe weather can come at any time of the year, but in the spring and summer in our area, it is usually in the form of damaging winds, thunderstorms, and sometimes even tornadoes. The best way to protect yourself during severe weather events is to plan ahead and be prepared.

Follow these simple guidelines now before severe weather comes our way.

  • Be Aware. Learn about the types of hazardous weather that we may experience (i.e. lightning, hail, thunderstorms, flash flooding, damaging winds, and tornadoes). Know the difference between a severe weather advisory, a watch, and a warning.

  • Create a Plan and Practice It. Think about different scenarios and plan how you will respond if an emergency weather situation arises.
    • Build an emergency and first aid kit with basic supplies you can use if the power goes out or someone sustains an injury.
    • Know how you will receive and share information in an emergency.
    • Make sure your important emergency contacts are in your mobile phone and written down somewhere in case you lose your mobile phone or the battery is exhausted.
    • Know how to reach your utility companies to report an outage.
    • If you have to take shelter at home or work because of a tornado warning, determine where is the safest place to be.

Weather affects everyone. Being prepared for severe weather saves lives. Start your planning now.

Have a Question for Us?

Interested in a disaster preparedness presentation for your group or event? We offer a number of preparedness presentations including winter safety, building a kit and emergency communications for everyone ranging from students to houses of worship to homeowners associations. 

Contact us at eoc@cityofbowie.org