Mill Branch Crossing

Mill Branch


A mixed use development, including commercial and residential land uses, is proposed. 

Project Snapshot

Proposal:  Mixed use development

Location:  East side of US 301, between MD 197/Rip’s restaurant and Mill Branch Road

Acreage/Zoning:  74 acres/Zoned C-S-C (Commercial Shopping Center)

Review/Approval Process

(1) Zoning Text Amendment for residential use (completed 2019)

(2) Preliminary Plan of subdivision (completed 2009; currently under revision)

(3) Detailed Site Plan

Most Recent Approval

CB-45-2019 - Gas stations, food or beverage stores in combination with a gas station, and apartment housing for the elderly or physically handicapped are uses permitted by special exception in the C-S-C Zone. This bill amends the Zoning Ordinance to allow these uses without the requirement for special exception approval under certain specified circumstances. Certain residential uses, multifamily dwelling and townhouse, are permitted in the C-S-C Zone provided certain criteria are met.

June 3, 2019 - The Bowie City Council conducted a public hearing on the concept of a proposed zoning text amendment that would permit mixed-use development, including multi-family and townhouse dwelling units in the Commercial Shopping Center (C-S-C) Zone, under certain circumstances.  In addition to the June public hearing, the City Council reviewed proposed draft legislation at a public meeting held on September 3, 2019.  At the September 3rd meeting, City Council voted to recommend approval of the legislative proposal.

May 28, 2009 – The Prince George’s County Planning Board approved Preliminary Plan #4-08052, with conditions.

May 18, 2009 – The City Council conducted a public hearing on the Preliminary Plan of subdivision (#4-08052) and recommended approval with 12 conditions.

Documents and Video Related to Current Proposal


  • Zoning:  C-S-C (Commercial Shopping Center): 74 acre
  • Proposed Land Use:  Mixed commercial. Site development proposed in two (2) phases.  Phase I will include: 91,000 square feet of office; 405,000 square feet of retail; and a 150-room hotel. Phase II includes 181,500 square feet of retail use.
  • Project Status:  Property rezoned to the C-S-C zone in the SMA. Preliminary Subdivision Plan approved, 2009. Final Subdivision Plan approved, 2017. Zoning Text Amendment to permit residential uses in C-S-C zone approved by County Council 2019.

Project Contacts

William F. Chesley Real Estate, Inc
Mr. Russell Baker

Gibbs and Haller
Mr. Ed Gibbs
301- 306-0033

The Tech Group
Ms. Kim Morgan