Bowie Master Plan Update

The Preliminary Master Plan for Bowie-Mitchellville and Vicinity is now available on the M-NCPPC project website. The Master Plan provides a vision for the City of Bowie and portions of the Mitchellville and Collington areas and describes how the plan area will grow and evolve over the next 25 years. It identifies strategies to achieve economic success for this area of Prince George’s County by recommending an increased mix of land uses at the Bowie Local Town Center, expanding economic development opportunities at the Free State Shopping Center/Bowie Marketplace area along MD 450 (Annapolis Road) and at the Collington Local Employment Area, revitalizing Old Town Bowie, and strategically investing along US 301/MD 3 (Robert Crain Highway), MD 450 (Annapolis Road), and MD 197 (Collington/Laurel Bowie Road).

This is a comprehensive master plan that contains recommendations for nine elements of Land Use and Comprehensive Zoning, Economic Prosperity, Transportation and Mobility, Natural Environment, Housing and Neighborhoods, Community Heritage, Culture, and Design, Healthy Communities, and Public Facilities specific to Bowie-Mitchellville and Vicinity. Click here for a video of the September 20, 2021, and here for the City's position letter on the Plan. 

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Current Master Plan

Approved Master Plan for Bowie and Vicinity and Sectional Map Amendment for Planning Areas 71A, 71B, 74A, and 74B  (February 2006)

Abstract: This document contains text and maps of the Approved Master Plan for Bowie and Vicinity and the Sectional Map Amendment for Planning Areas 71A, 71B, 74A, and 74B. This plan amends the 1991 Approved Master Plan and Adopted Sectional Map Amendment (SMA) for Bowie-Collington-Mitchellville and Vicinity, Planning Areas 71A, 71B, 74A, and 74B. It also amends the 2002 Prince George’s County Approved General Plan and other functional master plans. This plan was developed primarily during a community-wide six-day planning charrette after consultation with citizen focus groups. The document provides visions, goals, background, policies and strategies for numerous planning elements. The Development Pattern element encourages the revitalization of Old Town Bowie and redevelopment of Bowie Main Street, West Bowie Village, and Pointer Ridge. These four existing commercial areas are designated as mixed-use activity centers suitable for a wide array of public, commercial, employment, and residential land uses. The plan recommends that flexible zoning regulations be enacted to preserve rural character and sensitive environmental features. The Area-Wide Infrastructure element addresses the environment, transportation, schools, fire, police, library, parks, and trails. The Community Character element addresses economic development, historic preservation, and scenic roads. Rural and Developing Tier boundaries designated in the 2002 General Plan and boundaries of the Bowie Regional Center are redefined. Land use concepts and illustrative sketches are included that encourage development centered on a future transit hub in the Bowie Regional Center. A Development District Overlay Zone (DDOZ) containing a regulating matrix, design standards, and a table of uses are included to facilitate implementation of the plan’s land use recommendations for Old Town Bowie. The sectional map amendment implements the land use concepts in the master plan.