Honoree Spotlight

Each week, one honoree will be highlighted on this page. Please be sure to read all about these amazing residents and how they have helped our community. 
Renee Gordon

Ms. Gordon selflessly leads a local Brownie Girl Scout Troop in Bowie. She did not know any of the girls prior to becoming a troop leader, but she is keeping the group running. If Ms. Gordon didn't volunteer, the troop would have ended because there was no other leadership available. 

She provides fun, educational experiences for the girls while empowering them to be their best selves and to think of others. During the pandemic she continued her duties and practiced safe measures to drop off materials to the girls and hold Zoom meetings to ensure they could all bridge to the next troop level. Ms. Gordon provided a sense of normalcy during an otherwise difficult time for small children. 

Previous Honorees
Hannah Christiansen

Hannah Christiansen is a Bowie fourth-grader and was nominated by her neighbor, Carmie Naleski.

 When the pandemic hit, the need for masks was great, but they were very difficult to find. “Hannah’s Masks” started as a project for her and her brothers to do with their grandmother, to make masks for our family. As neighbors saw pictures of what they were making, they asked if they could buy the masks. Hannah wanted to help provide masks.

Instead of taking payment, Hannah requested donations be made to the Bowie Food Pantry. Hannah and her Grandma take turns with the sewing, and Grandma does the cutting and pinning. They've enjoyed working on this great project together! The family estimates they’ve raised over $1,000 for the Bowie Food Pantry, which is so exiting! 

John Scoulios

Mr. John Scoulios is the president of the Longleaf Homeowners Association.  Mr. Scoulios, in partnership with the Longleaf community, has coordinated a monthly neighborhood food collection to support the Bowie Food Pantry during the COVID-19 health crisis. 

The collections total approximately 70 boxes of non-perishable food and some personal hygiene items.  These contributions made a significant impact to residents in need during the pandemic.  Mr. Scoulios said, "my wife and I have always believed in and practiced helping others and serving the community."  

Mr. Scoulios was nominated by the Hon. Todd Turner, Chair of the Prince George's County Council.  

Pranitha Fielder

Pranitha Fielder is the kind of neighbor everyone wants to have on their block. When the country was locked down due to the pandemic, she sent a flyer around to her neighbors about a program she created called "Caring For One Another." The goal of this program was to offer assistance with picking up groceries, supplies, or medication; help with technology; or just "to talk" and check in on anyone in the neighborhood.  

Wheeling a wagon, her family delivered bags with requested items along with snacks, tissues and fruit to neighbors on her street and beyond. It is nice to see neighbors supporting each other during the pandemic.  

Andrea Williamson

Andrea Williamson is a Bowie resident who has been volunteering to support front line workers.  

Andrea packed and delivered 150 Subway lunches to the Home of the Brave front line workers at the Bowie Health Center. All of the Bowie Health Center staff expressed their appreciation to Andrea for delivering these meals.

Andrea is a member of the Ivy Community Charities of Prince George’s County, Inc. and is committed to helping those who risk their lives to save patients with COVID-19. Andrea has been volunteering with Ivy Community Charities for almost 30 years, and her service has not gone unnoticed.  

Helen Rose Williams

Helen Rose Williams, is an 82-year old retired nurse and a resident of Bowie. 

When the pandemic began, she wanted to volunteer at the hospital but realized she couldn’t. She was hospitalized with sepsis and pneumonia in fall 2019. Mrs. Williams also has high blood pressure and diabetes, but she still wanted to help. 

Masks were greatly needed across the community so she decided to make masks. Many years ago, she was a seamstress in New York. Helen Rose Williams has sewn and donated nearly 1000 masks, including 110 to the Neighbors Helping Neighbors program. Her donation helped to provide masks to local seniors in need of face coverings.  Masks were also donated to her church, Prince Georges County, the veterinary hospital, the post office, family, and friends. 

Thank you for your commitment to the City of Bowie. We salute you!