Submit Video Files

Instructions for Producers Submitting Video Files

When you are ready to submit your files, please do the following:

  • Log into a g-mail account.
  • Then, open and complete the File Submission Form and upload the completed show file.
  • The files will automatically be transferred to the studio.

File Specifications:

If you are submitting a single file (either the body of a show recorded at home in one take, or a final edit completed on your PC or Mac), make sure the file adheres to the following guidelines and then submit the show using the links below:

  • H.264 compression along with more detailed specs (if final edit)
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Bit rate no greater than 10,000 kbps (or 10Mb/s)
  • File length between 26 - 28 minutes
  • File size:
    • Final broadcast renders - 1GB
    • Files needing minor edits - 10 GB
  • File types: mp4 or mov (for questions about other file types, contact a studio technician) 
  • File name should: 
    • start with show abbreviation
    • not exceed 21 characters (including abbreviation)
    • not have spaces or special characters