The City of Bowie is honored to have received a grant through the Keep Maryland Beautiful Grant Program to provide our City with the resources to create our very own, municipal level, Adopt-A-Road program. This program empowers community members to help with cleanups and allows staff to continue educating residents on the impacts of litter to our environment, all for a better, greener Bowie.


Adopting A Road:

There are a host of roads in Bowie available for adoption! 

  • If interested, the first step is to reach out to the Transportation Planner at to discuss available roads and cleanup schedules.
  • The interested party will agree to conduct cleanups at a minimum of twice yearly and up to four times per year. All cleanup materials are provided to the group, at no cost, by the City of Bowie. Any business or community organization is welcome to get involved. 
  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age OR 15 years of age and accompanied by a designated adult/parent for supervision of the minor during the activity. This is for the safety and security of all involved. 
  • The point of contact from the group must also fill out all corresponding paperwork, provided to you by the Sustainability Planner, which will state information such as: the agreed upon adoptable road, the dates/times of cleanups, the names of all participants, and the amount of bags collected
  • The point of contact will also have each of the (up to) 10 volunteers fill out a waiver form at the beginning of the activity. 
  • The point of contact will pickup the cleanup kit and drop it back off to City Hall within 3 days of the cleanup date.
  • Each term is for 2 years. The Transportation Planner will reach out every two years to see if the party is interested in continuing, so long as all expectations and qualifications have been met.

In exchange for the cleanup activity and maintenance of the road, the business or group name will be placed on an official City of Bowie Adopt-A-Road sign on the road (See below). They will also be named here on the Adopt-A-Road page.

AdoptARoadfinal (2)

The City reserves the right to rescind status if the agreement is not executed by the business or group. 


Adoptable road are depicted in blue- AS OF 5/18/2022 ALL ROADS ARE ADOPTED OR PENDING ADOPTION!

Adopted Roads 
Evergreen ParkwayIBBNB, Inc.
NorthviewBowie Hockey Club
Heritage BlvdBowie Environmental Advisory Committee
Superior LaneBowie Methodist Churches
Gallant Fox WayDr. Denise, DDS
Health Center DriveBuild A Better Bowie
Pointer Ridge DriveBuild A Better Bowie
Mitchellville (from Route 197 to Harbour Way)Green Team Executive Committee
Harbour WayNiyama Yogi Traveler
Easthaven LanePending adoption
Mt. Oak (from Mitchellville to Church Road)Grateful Charities
Old Collington RoadNiyama Yogi Traveler
Grenville LaneLadies of Bowie
Gothic LaneBowie Lions Club
Gullivers TrailBowie Lions Club

What's Included:

Each kit includes:

  • Large Husky toter which houses cleanup supplies and conveniently rolls
  • 10 safety vests
  • 10 nitrile gloves
  • 10 trash grabbers
  • Plenty of orange (highly visible) trash bags
  • Road Work Ahead sign to set up in the shoulder 


Photo of Toter with supplies

The group will be responsible for setting up the Road Work sign, which has instructions attached. After the cleanup the trash bags must be left in a visible and accessible area that does not block traffic or public use of the space. 

Thank you to all sponsors of the Keep Maryland Beautiful, Clean Up Green Up Grant Program: