The City of Bowie is proud to announce a new Geocaching Trail in our City parks. The City of Bowie has partnered with the Maryland Geocaching Society and to offer a new trail activity for residents and park users.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching, simply put, is a high-tech treasure hunt using a handheld GPS unit. Geocachers hide small "treasures" in containers (called "geocaches") and record the coordinates of their caches on for others to find. They also post anything from helpful clues to sophisticated puzzles for others to decode in order to find the geocache. The activity is all about hiding and seeking, not about the value of the hidden treasure.

Share Your Experience

We hope you try this great new activity! We encourage you to share your geocaching experience in Bowie parklands with other geocachers. 

To get started with geocaching, visit Find a cache and post reviews and photos, plus read and view the geocaching journeys of other enthusiasts like yourself.

Interested in placing a Cache on City parklands?

Guidelines and Application

Guidelines have been established to assure good stewardship of the natural and cultural resources in the parks. Written permission from the City must be received prior to placement of any personal caches.

We look forward to seeing you geocaching in our City of Bowie parks!