Parking Regulations - Private Property

General Information

Code Compliance enforces City Code regulations on private property. Regulation of parking on streets in Bowie is handled by the Police Department. 

Parking on Residential Lots

Car without tagsVehicles parked on residential lots must be "operative", parked on a "paved surface" and in compliance with zoning regulations.

Vehicles prohibited from parking on a residential lot* include:

1. "Inoperative vehicles". Any motor vehicle, trailer, camping vehicle, or boat trailer that:

  • Is partially dismantled or wrecked,
  • Is missing a transmission, engine, fender, steering wheel, window, or hood,
  • Has one or more flat tires,
  • Is unable to move under its own power (motor vehicle),
  • Is not displaying valid registration plates for the vehicle.

2. "Commercial Vehicles". Any commercial vehicle that:

  • Has 300 cubic feet or more of load space,
  • The manufacturer's gross vehicle weight exceeds 7,500 lbs.,
  • Has dual rear axles,
  • The lettering, insignia, icon, or graphics is greater than 4 inches in height,
  • Is a tow truck,
  • Is a stake platform truck, or
  • Is a crane

* Unless parked within a private parking garage.