Rustic Woods Subdivision

As of September 14, 2022, the pending Water and Sewer Plan Amendment application has been withdrawn from the current review cycle.


The owner of a property on Randonstone Lane has filed a request for an amendment to the Prince George’s County Water and Sewer Plan, to advance the property from Water Category 5 to 4 and Sewer Category 5 to 4. Approval of a Water and Sewer Plan amendment will allow the property owner to submit a subdivision plan for development of the property. Only part of the parcel is inside the City boundary, and the City currently provides water service only to the address. Because the proposal will involve a water service change, City Council approval is ultimately required. City water service to the entire property would also require annexation and a service category change since the property is not completely in the City.  

Project Snapshot

Proposal: Up to 38 single-family detached homes with a minimum size of 3,000 square feet and a minimum sale price of $600,000.

Location: 5004 Randonstone Lane in the Rockledge section

Acreage/Zoning: 31.31 Acres/Zoned RR (Rural Residential)

Review/Approval Process

The following steps are required for project approval:

  1. Amendment of Water and Sewer Plan by the Prince George’s County Council
  2. City Council approval of a City water service category change and annexation
  3. Approval of Preliminary Plan of subdivision 

Documents Related to the Current Proposal

Notice of Community Informational Meeting  (watch the meeting video here)

Notice of Council Public Hearing

Map of site

Statement of Justification for Water and Sewer Category change

Excerpt from 2018 Prince George's County Water and Sewer Plan showing the legislative amendment process and criteria for changing categories.