Pollinator Gardens

A pollinator garden is a garden that is largely populated by flowering plants that provide pollen and nectar to a wide range of pollinators. They include host plants which are specific native plants that pollinators need to survive such as milkweed for the monarch butterfly. A pollinator is an insect that transfers pollen from one plant to another and facilitates fertilization. Some examples include butterflies, birds, and bees. Pollinators allow plants to reproduce and continue growing season after season. 

Building a Pollinator GardenHabitatphoto

Building your own pollinator garden does not have to be intimidating, and you don't even need a lot of space! A pollinator garden can be as big or as small as you would like. You can even plant pollinator plants in pots and place them outside if you aren't able to create a traditional garden in your yard.

Check out the resources below for guidance on creating a pollinator garden at your home.

Choose a site in your yard where you would like your garden to go. Below are some characteristics of your site that you may choose to take into consideration:

  • Most pollinator friendly plants prefer sites with full sun exposure, however it is still possible to create a pollinator garden in a shady area
  • Pollinators enjoy sheltered areas protected from winds
  • If you don't have enough space for a garden, or you don't have a yard at all, consider planting pollinator-friendly plants in pots and placing them on your front porch, balcony, or in your backyard 
  • For more information on the placement of your pollinator garden, check out this resource on Native Plants for Pollinators provided by Cornell University.

Green Team

The Green Team maintains four pollinator gardens around the City. There is one at the Senior Center, City Hall, Belair Meadows, and the Kenhill Center. These gardens are open to the public. Please feel free to visit them to see how a pollinator garden looks in action or visit  the Nature and Wildlife page for details.

Interested in volunteering with the Green Team? Please visit the Green Team webpage, or contact the Sustainability Planner.

Need Help?

If you need help creating a pollinator garden in your yard, the Prince George's Audubon Society will come out to your home to assist you at no cost. You can contact them by email. The Sustainability Planner can also help get you connected with resources. 

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