Microchips in Pets

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For many reasons, a pet may become separated from his or her owner. This may be due to a gate being left open or a quick dart from a car or front door. One way to improve the chances that your beloved pet will be returned to you is by having a microchip implanted. This is a simple procedure which, when accompanied by the proper registration, will enable an Animal Control Officer or a shelter to locate an owner and return the animal.

How Can I Get A Chip Implanted?

Take advantage of a partnership between the City of Bowie and Highway Veterinary Hospital.

To encourage pet owners to have the chip implanted, the City has partnered with Highway Veterinary Hospital, located at 2604 Crain Highway, to provide low cost microchipping for pets belonging to City residents. The cost for inserting the microchip and registering your contact information is only $15 per pet. Pet owners can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity by visiting the Animal Control Office located in City Hall between 8:30 am and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday to purchase a voucher. Once the voucher has been obtained, the pet owner can call Highway Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment to have the chip implanted and complete the registration forms.

To qualify for this special low rate, the pet must have a current Prince George’s County license and the owner must show proof of City of Bowie residency. Don’t wait. Protect your pet today!

Additional Information 

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Bowie Animal Control by phone at 301-809-3002 or by email.