Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee was created to:

  1. Advise the City Council on all aspects of the City's economic development.
  2. Participate in the development, implementation, and updating of the City's economic development plan and strategy, and provide feedback to the City in its efforts to implement the economic development plan and strategy.
  3. Give input to the Area Master Plan as it relates to economic development.
  4. Improve the economic well being of the City of Bowie through efforts that create jobs, retain jobs, increase the tax base, and enhance the quality of life. This includes efforts to revitalize, retain, and recruit high quality businesses; and to revive, develop, and support existing business areas.
  5. Provide a forum for exchanging ideas and information, and for addressing the business and economic needs of the community; and to actively pursue input from the business community to promote retention and expansion of existing businesses
  6. Expand and diversify the economic base of the City.
  7. Make recommendations to and find sound solutions for the Council on business and economic development issues. The Committee will neither replace the City's stakeholder process, nor serve any role assigned to the Bowie Advisory Planning Board.
  8. Provide expertise and support on marketing strategies in relation to business and economic development.
  9. Cooperate with any federal, state, regional, or local agency, board, committee, or commission, including but not limited to: the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, Prince George's County, and the Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce.
  10. Undertake such assignments and programs as the City Council may direct, and initiate their own assignments as the members deem necessary and consistent with this resolution.