Speed Cameras

Safe Speed Program

The Bowie Police Department is working to change driving behaviors in Bowie and gain more compliance with existing speed limits. Speed cameras are one of the tools being used to implement this program.

Program Description

The City of Bowie Safe Speed is a program run by the Bowie Police Department. It is a safety program focused on changing driver behavior in school zones through a comprehensive effort involving engineering, education and enforcement. The City of Bowie Safe Speed Program uses automated speed enforcement to enhance the safety of motorists and children in school zones within the incorporated limits of the City of Bowie.

The guiding principles are to:
  • Clearly identify and effectively communicate speed-related safety problems to the public
  • Make automated speed enforcement sites visible to road users through signage and media outlets
  • Deploy automated speed enforcement in school zones where they fulfill a bona fide need
  • Ensure a fair program by deploying automated speed enforcement only after careful consideration and study
  • Determine the effectiveness of the program through continuous, ongoing evaluations