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Belair Mansion

Renting Belair Mansion 

The central block of Belair was built about 1745 on a plantation owned by two colonial governors, Samuel Ogle and Benjamin Tasker, Sr. When completed, Belair became the plantation home of Governor Ogle and his wife, Anne Tasker Ogle. Inherited by their son, Benjamin Ogle, later State Governor, the Mansion remained in the Ogle family until 1871. It was purchased in 1898 by James T. Woodward who built the west hyphen and wing prior to 1910. The east hyphen and wing were built by his nephew and heir, William Woodward, Sr. before 1914. The last private owner was William Woodward, Jr. who died in 1955.

Belair Mansion served as City Hall from 1964 until 1978. Through the commitment of the City of Bowie, grants provided by the State of Maryland, and the support of the Friends of Belair Estate, the Belair Mansion has been restored to reflect its use as a private home for over 250 years. Today, it serves as a museum for all to enjoy. Belair Mansion was listed on the National Register for Historic Places in 1977.

The Mansion is open for tours Tuesdays through Sundays from noon to 4 p.m. We ask that you schedule all meetings to view the facility or to meet with caterers by phoning the office first at 301-832-7126. Rental inspections are scheduled for Mondays, or between 8:30 and 9:30 am other weekdays.

All rooms available for rentals are on the first floor, and are indicated on the floor plans with room names. A parking lot level accessible entrance provides access to both the elevator and a restroom that wheelchair accessible.

Please Note: Only the sunroom is available for food service, and it and the parlor are the only areas available for food and drink consumption. Other first floor rooms are ceremonial in use only.

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Helpful Resources

If you are interested in renting Belair Mansion for your function, please read the following documents and then call 301-832-7126: