Environmental Advisory Committee


The mission of the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) is to recommend policies and programs to the City Council relating to the environment, public education, and outreach.


To promote a sustainable community through initiatives relating to such issues as:
  • Beautification
  • Energy efficiency
  • Green policies
  • Natural resource management and development
  • Pollution prevention
  • Tree canopy preservation
  • Watershed stewardship and protection
  • Wildlife and wildlife habitat protection
Every year, the EAC compiles a list of priority actions each year, dubbed "The Next Ten Steps" and presents them to Council. Use the links below to view the most recent presentations to Council, as well as this year's (FY21) "Next Ten Steps".

February 1, 2019 City Council Meeting Video (EAC presentation begins at the one hour, 25 minute mark of the meeting. 

February 3, 2020 Council Meeting Video
 (EAC presentation begins at the 21-minute mark)

The most recent Next Ten Steps