Arts Grants

Through City of Bowie Arts Grants, the City supports public awareness of artistic enterprises, and seeks groups or individuals who will develop a project that will involve Bowie residents in an interactive arts experience. This might include:

  • Hands on arts experience
  • Workshops or public performances
  • Development and performance of a community band or choir
  • Group art opportunities, such as group lessons in an art form
Up to $12,000 is awarded to one or more individuals or groups through an application and selection process.

Applicants apply for Arts Grants in fall of the year and awards are made in November each year.

The Grants application deadline for 2019-2020 has past. 

Arts Grant Application 2019-2020Even though the deadline has passed, the application form remains here as a sample to those who might want to consider applying next year. 

Learn more about art grants in this short video (1:36) 

2019-2020 Grant Winners