Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

The City provides a free benefit for all full-time, regular City employees, their spouses and immediate family members. It is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

An Employee Assistance Program is a confidential, worksite-based program designed to assist both employees and employers. An EAP provides assessment and referral - in person and over the phone - for personal matters.

The City realizes that a wide range of problems can affect an employee's job performance. Problems such as marital or family stress, alcohol and/or drugs, emotional or mental health, financial or legal can result in an employee not performing well on the job. The EAP is a confidential tool designed to help employees navigate through their most personal challenges.

The EAP provides professional counselors who will work with the employee and/or family members to try to resolve their problems. All information is kept confidential between the counselor and the employee.

If an employee has a problem such as those described above, he/she can voluntarily contact the EAP. An appointment will be arranged with a counselor either near home or work - your choice.

If an employee's job performance begins to suffer, the supervisor can document the problem(s) and refer the employee to EAP by calling the number below.

Literature about the Employee Assistance Program is also available in the Human Resources Office. For detailed information, contact EAP Consultants, Inc. at 800-869-0276.