Food Drive

Community Outreach Committee (COC) members collect food, toiletries, paper goods, baby needs, and school supplies at a variety of City events. They are given to the Bowie Food Pantry to share with community members going through rough times.

Kenhill Center, Gymnasium and Senior Center collections for the Food Pantry
Community members are encouraged to drop off food and other supplies at the Kenhill Center, the City Gymnasium and the Senior Center whenever they can. Containers are available near the front doors at these facilities. The committee delivers these items to the Food Pantry on a regular basis.

Memorial Day Parade
With the assistance of Food Pantry volunteers, COC members participate in the City's annual Memorial Day Parade. They also collect items for the Food Pantry along the parade route and at the reviewing stand.


  & International Festival

Donations are accepted for the Food Pantry at the Community Outreach Committee booth at these annual events.


The COC collects items for the Food Pantry at every concert during the Sunday Summer Concert series at Allen Pond Park.

Community Resources

Part of the Community Outreach Committee’s ongoing mission is to share information with Bowie residents about programs and activities that provide assistance to the under-served in our community.

Committee members interview local experts about various services that are available and the conversations are broadcast on Bowie government television. The interviews are also uploaded to YouTube for on-demand viewing.

Recorded Interviews: