Picnic Site Rental Fees

The rental rates for picnic areas (Pavilion, Group Area, etc.) are based on residency* and the area being rented :

  • Resident rate:

    A resident rate will apply to a reservation where the applicant (permit holder) lives in a home within the corporate City limits of Bowie. If the applicant is a "business", the business must have offices located within the corporate City limits. If the applicant is a "nonprofit organization" residency will be based on the official address of the organization as listed on its 501(c)3 document.
  • Non-resident rate:

    A non-resident rate will apply to all other applicants.
*for the purpose of picnic permits only

Rental Fee Schedule

Resident Non-Resident

Rental Fee Security Deposit Rental Fee Security Deposit

Allen Pond Park

$150 $150 $350 $350
Group Area (#3, #4, #7)
$100 $100 $250 $250
Group Area (#5, #6, #8)
$75 $75 $200 $200

Other Fees

 Rental Fee  Security Deposit  Rental Fee  Security Deposit
Electricity (Pavilion Site Only)
$0 $0
          Alcohol Permit Group Areas / Pavilions
$100 / $200
$200 $200 / $400
 $200 / $400

Whitemarsh Park

Rental Fee
 Security Deposit  Rental Fee  Security Deposit
$150 $150 $350 $350