Picnic Reservation Guidelines


Duration of Rental

Picnic reservations are for an entire day (10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.) or for any specific time frame within these hours. Arrival prior to 10 a.m. is permissible, however the City does not guarantee the site will be clean from the prior day's use until 10 a.m.

Access to Site

  • The only vehicle permitted at a pavilion site is an approved catering vehicle (limit of one). Catering information must be provided to the City at time of reservation.
  • Permit holders are encouraged to bring handcarts to transport items to their picnic site.
  • Permit holders should bring a wheelchair or walker for those individuals who may require assistance in getting to the picnic site.
Permit Holder Responsibilities
  • The permit holder must remain at the site for the duration of the reservation.
Weather Cancellations
Refunds will not be given for inclement weather.

Upon Arrival

  • A Park Ranger will greet the permit holder and confirm that they are at the correct picnic site and verify the departure time.
  • The person obtaining the permit must have the permit at the site and present it, along with photo identification, upon request of any City representative.
Please note: The site may be inspected by a City official at any time during the reservation to verify compliance with Park Rules & Regulations.


The Park Ranger will bring the Post-Picnic Checklist to be reviewed and signed. Only the permit holder may sign the checklist. If the picnic ends sooner than anticipated, please contact a Park Ranger at  240-508-3881 to complete the checklist before departure.

  • Wedding ceremonies are prohibited at all City of Bowie parks.
  • Use of amplified sound is also prohibited.
  • Personal vehicles are prohibited from accessing any picnic areas.
  • Balloons of any kind, confetti shooters, water color changing dyes
Exception: Up to two professional catering vehicles are allowed to access the pavilion areas only with valid reservation permit.