Crisis Intervention

Bowie Youth & Family Services offers crisis intervention to the community. There is a family counselor on duty each day, Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. The counselor speaks with the caller on the phone, and, if indicated, invites the caller and/or the family in for a crisis session in the office.

If a crisis occurs after hours, call one of the numbers below for immediate service. These numbers are also available on a recording if you call our offices after hours (301-809-3033).

24-hour numbers 

  • Mobile Community Crisis Response - 301-927-4500
  • Prince George's County Crisis Hotline - 301-864-7161
  • Children's Hospital - 202-476-5000
For additional information, please call 301-809-3033.

Signs of Suicidal Behavior

  • Changes in sleeping patterns or eating patterns;
  • Excessive use of any drugs (including prescription and nonprescription);
  • Sudden need to give away possessions, particularly favorite possessions;
  • Sudden drop in grades and/or interests in school or work;
  • Increased expressions of anger, emotional outbursts, mood swings, nervousness, apathy, worthlessness;
  • Talking, writing, drawing about death, depression and violence;
  • Sudden change in relationships with friends and family;
  • Sudden lifting of ongoing depression; sudden manifestation of peacefulness and contentment;
  • Major life crises have often occurred, such as the death of a family member or friend, suicide of a friend or peer, breakup of a love affair, separation or divorce, job change (loss or threat of job loss), moving or relocation.

Take Action

If you are concerned or suspect that a family member may be having suicidal ideas, the following actions should be taken:

  • Get rid of any weapons that the person may have access to, including razors, knives, guns and rifles, hide any medications; and, most important of all:
    • Prince George's County Suicide Prevention Hotline:
    • Prince George's County Mobile Community Crisis Response:
    • Children's National Medical Center:
      (Day Clinic) 202-476-2118, (Night) 202-476-5000

Child Abuse

The abuse and neglect of children is a serious problem that requires the involvement of all private citizens and professionals in the community for the purpose of prevention, identification, and treatment. In Maryland, the child abuse and neglect law (Subtitle 8 of the Maryland Family Law) mandates that all professionals, in almost every circumstance make a report as soon as possible to the Department of Social Services, when they SUSPECT a child has been or is being mistreated. (In cases of child abuse, a report may be made to Social Services or the Police.) Any professional who knowingly fails to make a required report of child abuse may be subjected to certain professional sanctions. The professionals identified in Maryland law include: health practitioners, police officers, educators, and human service workers.

Child Abuse is defined as "any physical injury or injuries sustained by a child as a result of cruel or inhumane treatment or as a result of a malicious act by any parent or other person who has permanent or temporary care or custody or responsibility for supervision of a child, or by any household or family member under circumstances that indicate that the child's health or welfare is harmed or threatened thereby, or any sexual abuse of a child, whether physical injuries are sustained or not." Sexual abuse means any act that involves sexual molestation or exploitation of a child, and includes: fondling, incest, rape, or sexual offense in any degree, sodomy, and unnatural or perverted sexual practices.

Child Neglect is defined as "any significant physical or mental harm or injury sustained by a child from: (1) the absence of the child's parents, guardian, or custodian; 2 the failure of the child's parents, guardian or custodian to give proper care and attention to the child and child's problems under circumstances that indicate that the child's health or welfare is harmed or threatened thereby, unless the failure consists only of providing the child with non-medical remedial care and treatment recognized by state law instead of medical treatment."

To make a report

Prince George's County Protective Services/Child Protective Services:

  • 301-909-2450 Daytime
  • 301-699-8605 after 4:30 p.m. and weekends