School Collaboration

BYFS is pleased to be collaborating with Bowie schools in a number of group efforts, these include:

Maryland Student Assistance Program

Maryland Student Assistance Program is a Prince George's County School Board program. BYFS was instrumental in establishing this worthy endeavor in Bowie High School, Samuel Ogle Middle School and Benjamin Tasker Middle School. Students who may be at risk for drug or alcohol abuse are reported to a committee within the school. After ascertaining that a problem may exist and getting parental approval, BYFS staff assesses the student for substance use. Referrals and treatment recommendations are then made to the parents.

National Red Ribbon Campaign

National Red Ribbon Campaign is an annual, fall event that promotes school/community alcohol/drug awareness. This campaign involves activities in the local schools focusing on alcohol/drug awareness.

Project Save

Project Save is a program that reaches Bowie elementary school children and their families with a positive message given through skills and highlighting the choice of a drug-free lifestyle.

Teen Mentoring Program

The Teen Mentoring Program is a school based program that takes place within Bowie High School during normal school hours. The school recognizes the value of this program and has offered both time and space to the community volunteers who participate as mentors for the students.

Bowie area schools have also sought our expertise in a variety of topics, including social skills training for elementary aged children, violence prevention training for high school youth and help with projecting a message to youth of the value in not using substances such as alcohol or drugs.