Mosquito Control

The Maryland Department of Agriculture provides mosquito control services to the Bowie area under a program that runs from May 31, 2023 through September 27, 2023.

Program Facts

  • Larviciding is proven to be the most effective treatment and targets the immature stages (eggs, larvae or pupae) of mosquitoes in the stagnant water where they occur. Three different products are used for larviciding and known breeding areas in your community will be checked approximately every three weeks for the presence of larvae . 
    • If you need assistance locating breeding areas around your house, or would like to report stagnant water near your property, call the Public Works Office at 301-809-2336
  • Bowie residents can submit a mosquito complaint by filling out a request form on the Maryland Department of Agriculture website, or contacting the City's Community Services Department by email or phone.
  •  Sprays are conducted on a scheduled and unscheduled basis.
    • Scheduled Spraying
      • Every year, about 2,000 communities in 16 counties across the state voluntarily participate in this program, sharing the cost with the state. Mosquito populations in these communities are regularly monitored. When/if the adult mosquito population gets too large and/or dangerous to public health, truck mounted spraying is done. The Department of Agriculture's calendar of scheduled sprays is available for review online.
        • An individual resident may have his/her owned or leased real property excluded from the adult mosquito control spraying. A resident wishing to exclude their property must submit a request form directly to the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Information on excluding a property is available on the Maryland Department of Agriculture website. 
    • Unscheduled Spraying
      • Unscheduled spraying is only done in response to a public health concern related to mosquito-borne disease. Truck mounted ULV spraying will be conducted whether or not the community is in the regular spray program. If spraying is required in an area with a regular spray program but is done on a different night, it is considered unscheduled. If an "unscheduled spray" takes place due to trapped mosquito with a positive test result for a mosquito-born illness, any and all exemptions will be temporarily suspended.
      • A surveillance crew member will either place a portable light trap overnight or do a landing count in complaint areas. If the number of female mosquitoes does not exceed the action threshold (3 female mosquitos in a 2 minute count, 10 female mosquitos per night in an unbaited light trap or 24 female mosquitos per night in a baited light trap), spraying will not be done.
        • If spraying is determined to be necessary, the spray shift will run in the late evening to try to coincide with the time of peak mosquito activity. If the sprayer operator encounters too many people outside in the spray area, spraying will not be done. Therefore, please do not to stand around outside in your neighborhood while the spray trucks are coming through your areas.

More information on the surveillance and spraying process is available on the City's Adult Mosquito Surveillance / Spraying page.