Teaching about Bowie Museums

Overview for Teachers

The City of Bowie Museums include the Belair Mansion (1745) and Stable (1907), the Bowie Railroad Museum (1870-1910), and the Old Town Welcome Center (1929). We also work cooperatively with both the National Capital Radio and Television Museum and the Prince George’s Genealogical Library. Education is a top priority at each of our sites, as defined by our mission statement.

“The mission of the City of Bowie Museums is to preserve, collect, interpret and celebrate, for the public’s appreciation, the history, architecture, city plans, and people of Bowie, Maryland., through education and exhibition, archaeology and advocacy of Bowie’s diverse heritage.”

Bowie’s history is a microcosm of American history. Our sites interpret over 250 years – from Bowie’s 18th century days as “Collington Hundred,” through the bustling railroad development of the 19th century in Huntington, to the 20th and 21st century with the development of Belair-at-Bowie and the continued growth of the community today.

We’re anxious to share our stories with your students. Admission is free at all our sites. We love field trips! Hands on activities can be arranged, time permitting. We’re happy to tailor a visit around YOUR needs, as well.

Educational aids include vocabulary sheets, cooking activities, architecture and history. Please click on the links below to begin your journey to the City of Bowie Museums. For further information, or to book a tour, please call 301-809-3089, or email museums@cityofbowie.org We’d love to have you visit!