Ball Field Status

Permits Required to Use Fields

Please contact the City Recreation Office at 301-809-3086 for more information or to secure a permit. 

Current Status of Ball Fields for Practices

The current status of each city ball field is listed below. This information is updated each afternoon. If a field is listed as "open", it is opened to permitted users only.

Temporary Closures of Fields

If a field is temporarily closed because of weather or unsafe conditions, it remains closed for the entire day. In other words, if a field is closed due to rain, and it stops raining, the status will not change for that day.

Please direct questions or concerns about specific fields to the Ranger on Duty at 240-508-3881.

May 29, 2023 

Allen Pond

Softball 1                Closed  

Softball 2                 Closed

Murtagh 1               Open for Permitted Use

Murtagh 2               Closed 

Andy Brown             Closed 

Houston                   Closed 


SB/BB                          Closed

Softball 1                     Closed   

Softball 2                      Closed   

Softball 3                      Closed   

Softball 4                      Closed                              


Baseball 1                Closed

Baseball 2                 Closed 

Baseball 3                 Closed

Soccer                       Closed


Church Road

Field 1                  Closed

Field 2                   Closed

Field 3                   Closed

Glen Allen

Baseball                   Closed

Soccer                    Closed 


Softball                       Closed  

Baseball 1                  Closed 

Baseball 2                  Closed

Baseball 3                 Closed

Kenhill Center

Soccer                          Closed 

Baseball 1                     Closed

Baseball 2                     Closed

Mitchellville Road

Mitchellville 1                   Closed  

Mitchellville 2                  Closed 

Mitchellville 3                   Closed

Mitchellville 4                   Closed

Mitchellville 5                    Closed

Mitchellville 6                  Closed

Mitchellville 7                   Closed

Popes Creek

Soccer                       Closed

Softball                       Closed 

Mini Field                    Closed


Football                           Open for Permitted Use

Football Practice             Closed 

Baseball                          Closed 

Multi-Use                         Closed