Ball Field Status

Field Status Update Schedule and Field Closure Guidelines

Following severe weather or heavy rains, the City may close or restrict the use of athletic fields.

Field status will be updated no later than 7:15 a.m. for usage until noon. Second updates, if necessary will be posted no later than 11 a.m. when questionable conditions exist.

LIGHTNING/THUNDER: ALL ACTIVITIES MUST CEASE and may be resumed only after a 30 minute delay beyond the last sign of lightning or sound of thunder.



  Updated:     7/27/2017 3:44:40 PM

  Allen Pond

              Andy Brown             Closed

              Huston                     Closed

              Murtagh 2                Closed

              SB 1                        Closed

              SB 2                        Closed

              SB 3                        Closed

  Blacksox Park

              BB                           Open

              SB 1                        Open

              SB 2                        Open

              SB 3                        Open

              SB 4                        Open


              BB 1                        Open

              BB 2                        Open

              BB 3                        Closed

              Soccer                     Open

  Church Rd

              Field 1                     Closed

              Field 2                     Closed

              Field 3                     Closed

  Glen Allen

              BB                           Closed

              Soccer                     Closed


              BB 1                        Closed

              BB 2                        Closed

              BB 3                        Open

              Softball                   Closed

  Kenhill Center

              BB Back Field          Closed

              BB Front Field          Closed

              Soccer                     Closed


              Mitchellville 1           Closed

              Mitchellville 2           Open

              Mitchellville 3           Closed

              Mitchellville 4           Open

              Mitchellville 5           Closed

              Mitchellville 6           Open

              Mitchellville 7           Open

  Popes Creek

              Mini                         Closed

              SB                           Closed

              Soccer                     Open


              BB                           Open

              FB (Practice)            Closed

              Multi-Use                 Open