Martin Luther King Art Contest

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Martin Luther King Jr

2020 MLK Contest Winners

Thanks to the more than 200 students who participated in the 2020 Martin Luther King Art Contest organized by the City of Bowie Diversity Committee. Almost 50 finalists were selected across three categories. Their work was featured as part of the City’s annual tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Saturday, February 8 at City Hall.

Congratulations to all the 2020 winners.

Coloring Contest 

  • 1st Place -  Mariz Angela Pacho, 2nd Grade, Heather Hills Elementary School ($75)
  • 2nd Place - Victoria Patterson, 1st Grade, Tulip Grove Elementary School ($50)
  • 3rd Place - Erin Lewis, Kindergarten, Kenilworth Elementary School ($25)

Poster Contest Winners 

  • 1st Place - Sean Chinonso Festus, 4th Grade, Whitehall Elementary School ($100)
  • 2nd Place - Aaliyah Patterson, 4th Grade, Tulip Grove Elementary School ($75)
  • 3rd Place - Jonathan Omoijuanfo, 3rd Grade, Pointer Ridge Elementary School ($50)

Video Contest Winners 

  • 1st Place - Shelemiah Griffiths, 7th Grade, Samuel Ogle Middle School ($150)
  • 2nd Place - Sharon Bruck, 7th Grade, St. Pius X Regional School ($125)
  • 3rd Place - Anna Newman, 6th Grade, Benjamin Tasker Middle School ($100)

View slide show of finalists’ art work

2020 Art Contest finalists

2020 Contest Details

To honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and raise awareness about his accomplishments, the City of Bowie Diversity Committee sponsors an annual art contest for Bowie students. The categories of the contest differ depending on the grade of the students, but all are intended to teach students about Dr. King’s legacy. The theme for the 2020 contest was "Lifting Our Voices for Freedom". 

There are three contest categories: 

  • Coloring Contest (K-2) - Participants must color the attached coloring page. Each participant must color the provided picture and submit only one entry. All elements of the drawing must be colored.
    Coloring entry form

  • Poster Contest (3-5) - Participants must create a poster illustrating how Dr. King’s impact inspires others to lift their voices for freedom. To be considered, contestants must submit a poster, a written description of their poster, and an entry form. Typed descriptions are preferred.
    Poster entry form

  • Video Contest (6-12) - Participants must create a video less than 90 seconds in length and must be the student’s original footage and work. It can include photos, drawings, collages, people and more. To be considered, contestants must submit a video entry, a written description of the video, and an entry form.
    Video entry form

* Eligible Schools 

Students who live within the municipal limits of Bowie or who attend one of the following schools are eligible to participate in City of Bowie contests and programs:

  • Bowie High School
  • Tall Oaks High School
  • Benjamin Tasker Middle School
  • Samuel Ogle Middle School
  • St. Pius X Regional School
  • Grace Christian School
  • Cornerstone Christian Academy
  • Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School (lower campus)
  • Heather Hills Elementary School
  • High Bridge Elementary School
  • Kenilworth Elementary School
  • Northview Elementary School
  • Pointer Ridge Elementary School
  • Rockledge Elementary School
  • Tulip Grove Elementary School
  • Whitehall Elementary School
  • Yorktown Elementary School
  • Chapel Forge Special Center
  • C. Elizabeth Rieg Special Center