Hosting Special Events In City Parks


Each year, private organizations contact the City about using our parks to host various fundraising events. Examples of these include charitable walks/runs, concerts, and social events. To effectively manage these requests so they have minimal impact on City activities and regular public use of parks, the City has developed a Special Events Policy for City parks.


  • Events that will have attendance in excess of 750 are not permitted. The City reserves the right to deny any request if it is in the best interest of the City. Wedding ceremonies are prohibited in all City of Bowie parks.
  • Only one event per day will be permitted in any City park.


  • Submission of a written Detailed Event Description - This document shall contain specific information about your intended event. Your objective is to "paint" a picture for staff of what your event will look like so that staff can determine if your event is one that can be accommodated in a City park.
  • Submission of Insurance Documentation - This information is specified in the Special Events Policy and is required for all events.
  • All event(s) organizers will be required to rent enough space to accommodate the expected attendance at the event.
  • A $25 application fee must be included with each Special Event application. 


Rental Fee
Security Deposit
Rental Fee
Security Deposit 
$150$150 $350$350
 Group Area 3, 4, 7
 Group Area 5, 6, 8
 Pavilion Alcohol Permit
$200$200$400 $200 
Group Area Alcohol Permit

 The rental fees for picnic areas (Pavilions + Group Areas) are based on Bowie residency and the area that is being rented:

  • Resident Rate: A resident rate will apply to a reservation where the applicant (permit holder) lives in a home within the corporate City limits of Bowie. If the applicant is a "business," the business must have offices located within the corporate City limits. If the applicant is a "nonprofit organization" residency will be based on the official address of the organization as listed on its 501(c)3 document.
  • Non-Resident Rate: A non-resident rate will apply to all other applicants

Additional Policies