Fire Service in Bowie

Fire Service

The City of Bowie is primarily served by four fire stations as follows:

Station 16
14901 Health Center Drive (near Bowie Town Center)
Ph:  301-262-6326

Station 19
13008 9th Street (in the Huntington section of the City)
Ph:  301-262-0501

Station 39
15454 Annapolis Road (adjacent to the Free State Shopping Center)
Ph: 301-262-0502

Station 43
16408 Pointer Ridge Drive (in the Pointer Ridge neighborhood)
Ph: 301-249-6525

All emergency fire, rescue, and police callers should use 911. The above telephone numbers are provided for non-emergency or informational calls.

Bowie is served by a combination of paid career Prince George’s County Firefighters and by members of the Bowie Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD). For more information on either of these organizations, visit their websites using the links to the right.