Trip Rules

Parking & Departure Locations

For Charter Bus Trips:

Kenhill Center (formerly City Hall)
2614 Kenhill Drive, Bowie

Senior Trip participants must park in the side lot only. Check-in takes place in Room 121 or 124 as available.

For City of Bowie Bus Trips:

Bowie Senior Center
14900 Health Center Drive, Bowie

Senior trip participants should park as far away as possible from the Center entrance to reserve parking spaces for members who will be using the Center throughout the day. Check-in takes place in the Dining Room.

Bus Trip Instructions

Always sign in with Trip Leader.
  1. All trips are open to Senior Center members. Update emergency contact information as needed.
  2. Participants must be self-sufficient to go on trips or provide their own caregiver.
  3. Anyone who exhibits inappropriate behavior must be approved for travel by management
  4. Full payment is required at time of sign up.
  5. Payments are non-refundable unless replacements can be found from the waiting list. Certain exceptions will be handled per management.
  6. Participants must furnish their own transportation to and from Kenhill Center. Park in side lot only. Arrive 30 minutes prior to departure time.
  7. Passengers will sit in the same bus seats both to and from the scheduled destinations.
  8. No smoking or alcoholic beverages on buses.
  9. Buses will not wait for anyone. Participants must adhere to scheduled arrival and departure times and are responsible for their own transportation if they miss the bus. Contacts will be notified. Should you become separated from the group, use the information on your ID tag to call the Center.
  10. *Some trips require extensive walking and independence. The Center cannot guarantee the availability of wheelchairs or seating at all destinations. Those who have difficulty with mobility, orientation/memory or other health issues should check with Center Management before registering
  11. All trip participants will be issued Center ID tags. These ID tags will identify them as members of the group. In addition, everyone should carry a photo ID along with an index card including name, address, emergency contact and list of current medications.
*In case of an emergency the Trip Leader should be contacted. If that is not possible the member should call the Senior Center. If the member requires medical care and is transported to an emergency facility, the Trip Leader will be in communication with the Senior Center. The member’s family or emergency contact will be notified and will assume responsibility for the member.

New trips that become available for sign up will be posted in the Center Lobby, the Trip Board and on this website.

The Bowie Senior Center is not responsible for any personal injuries, accidents, delays or any other inconveniences during the trip or damage to your parked car.