Recent Changes to the City Code

The Bowie City Code was recently amended. Some of the key changes are listed below. For more detailed information, refer to the Bowie City Code

Chapter 5, Building Permits

  • City building permits are required whenever a Prince George’s County building permit is required. 
  • Certain improvements only require a City permit including any work or construction within a City right-of-way. 

Chapter 5, Landscaping 

  • All dead trees on the property must be removed with tree trunks and stumps being no more than 18 inches in height.
  • No overgrowth onto houses, sheds and buildings or blocking a fire exit.
  • Compost sites must be in the rear yard and not cover more than 1/2% of the total lot coverage.

Chapter 5, Open Storage  

  • No residential storage or items intended for interior use can be stored on the exterior of the property.
  • All camping equipment, lawn care equipment and construction materials/equipment must be stored in a building not visible to neighbors or the public.
  • Dumpsters can only be on the property for 45 days or less in a calendar year.

Chapter 10, Garbage, Trash and Refuse

  • Food waste and items that attract wildlife must be in tied bags inside cans with tight fitting lids for collection.
  • Up to 4 tires can be scheduled for collection each year.
  • Trash and recycling can must be stored behind the house or on the side at least 10 feet back from the front corner. Attached dwellings may store receptacles in the front if screened from the public view at all times or seasons.

Raccoon Trash Can