Green Building

Parks and Grounds2.jpgThe Parks and Grounds building, located at 3106 Mitchellville Road is a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Certified “Silver” Building.

Some of the green features of the building include:
  • Ground-source heating system - 21 wells averaging 200 feet in depth
  • Green roof construction
  • 3 roof sections (175 square feet), planted with perennials (sedum cultivars)
  • Energy Star rated “cool” roof material on remaining 80% of the roof’s surface
  • Sun tunnels (7 reflecting tubes) and light-directing panels increase and utilize natural sunlight into interior rooms
  • Motion activated light switches
  • Infrared heaters fueled by natural gas
  • Rainwater is collected from the rear half of building roof reducing use of potable water by 10%
    • Up to 2500 gallons stored in a tank inside the building
    • Heated by the solar panels ( up to 140 degrees)
    • Rain water is used to clean equipment with a power washer
Follow the links below to learn more about our "green" building.